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Magic Traders

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Winter came into town. Snow fell on the roofs of houses, and the smell of smoke from chimneys spread around the area. Early darkness meant that candle lights and street lamps lit up the stone streets for hours. Life went on slowly through its regular cycle. There are only two days left until the winter solstice holiday. Joint suppers were planned throughout the city. People bustled around their homes, cleaning or decorating the interiors with aromas of trees and herbs.

It was one of many nights. Everyone was already asleep tired after a day's work. It started with a strange dream. It was like a big cart full of goods that came down from heaven. He hit the ground with a bang and then began to spin, placing the purple tent in its place along with various goods. Small, goblin-like creatures were conducting everything. They moved with little hands as if they were controlling the whole performance. A strange dream indeed.

At this point, all heroes wake up in the middle of the square. All the inhabitants of the town are there. In the middle of the square, there is a large purple tent. It wasn't here yesterday. Above the entrance, there is an inscription, "Magic Traders."

What happened?

Magic dealers are traveling sellers who wander between dimensions. In appearance, they resemble small goblins with very long ears. Don't let their appearance fool you. They are mighty magicians. They travel from place to place, offering items they've created. When they manage to sell something, they leave a site without a word under cover of night. There is no deceit here. Maybe just one. They don't accept gold as payment.

The oldest is Rudolven. He is their leader and also the leading seller. Benegar deals with protecting the tent and bringing order. If something happens outside, he is ready to summon some elementals to support his companions. Their goal, however, is not to hurt anyone. The third of the traders is Kuidemar. His role is to help his companions. It all depends on where there will be more work. Attempting to steal an item can be very dangerous. I will leave the consequences to your imagination but imagine being locked up inside a magic chest for several years, for example.

What is in stock?

A key of a thousand doors - This item can be used only five times. The moment you put it on any door, after opening, you will see the place where you wanted to go. It works a bit like teleportation, but the solid door acts as a portal. The only condition is that you need to know where you want to move.

Mirror of dreams - This is a small metal bowl. If you fill it with water and add someone's hair to it, then you can see visualizations of that person's most prominent dream.

Time pebble - This item can be used twice. When his owner desires, the stone will turn back time by a minute. Very useful artifact.

Merchants have many more items, but none of them have combat applications.

The price

So, where is the catch? Heroes can only buy one magic item, and the price will be... a princess's tooth. Any princess up to ten years old. It is a critical component of powerful artifacts. You can imagine the problems caused by trying to obtain such a tooth. Let's leave it to the players and their creativity.

After a while, magic dealers will disappear as soon as they appear.

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