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Lost Relic

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


Black Knights of Delmor, that's how they like to be called. It is an organization founded by Dergon Hassel, a famous warrior who, at one point in his life, decided to make contact with the demon Delmor. For his magical support, Dergon, from time to time, performs special missions. For each such task, the demon generously rewards knights. Dergon's first reward was his two-handed sword, Decapitator.

All black knights are heavily armed warriors. There are about twelve of them. They are rather experienced in battle, although there will be two or three novices among them. Members are recruited from friendly families and cults.

The beginning

Once again, a devilish voice resounded in the former chapel of the Hassel family castle. Dergon knew what to do. The next task may be more complicated than the others, but the reward will be much more satisfying. The magical object that his ally had told him about would forever commemorate the name of his order in history - necromancy ring.

Dergon called the members of the order in the morning and showed them the new mission. They would have to go to the temple of the God of Light near Badmur, take their sacred relic from them, and abduct the high priest. The trip will be slightly bloody.

Temple of the God of Light

Why are the heroes there? Near the temple, there is a small village. If players are passing through, it's easiest to stay at the temple guesthouse. There is something to eat, a place to relax. Maybe players are looking for priesthood treatment or are escorting something relevant to the temple? There are many options. The priest who will look after the players is called Thulian. He should spend some time in their company, and it would be good if they formed a friendship. Thulian is a very religious man. His dream is for all evil to leave the world. He doesn't want to do it by force. His path is conversation and sermons.

An unlucky night

It was the last peaceful night in the Temple of the God of Light. In the morning, the first screams were heard, and a glow of fire lit up the surroundings. Black knights attacked. A large group of knights immediately hit the central building of the temple. They decided to get the relic quickly, hoping that the high priest would appear himself. A smaller group spread around the village, looting and murdering. Two knights came to the guesthouse. There they will meet the players' heroes. When the heroes finish the battle, the black knights will already have the relic and, the high priest tied on a horse. It looks like the battle was lost. Most of the buildings are on fire, and people have either fled or died. You can be tempted here by some dramatic description of the invasion. Dergon, with most of his men, will go towards the castle. Only two knights will be left behind to check what happened to their comrades who went towards the guest house. There may be a small clash with the players, but one of them will run away to inform the leader about the situation. Players can capture a live knight. It would even be beneficial. Thulian will try to assist the heroes with healing and protection spells.

When the ash settles down

The village was burned down, and most priests and peasants were killed. After a preliminary examination of the situation, it will be known that the temple relic, the dagger of the sun, has been stolen, and no one can find the body of the high priest. The situation is terrible. At this point, players should learn that the relic has a vast amount of accumulated power, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it will be able to do a lot of evil. Thulian will step forward. "I will go to retrieve the relic, although I prefer not to go alone." Will the heroes volunteer? Maybe you'll have to convince them a little to help the priest?


If players managed to capture a live knight, they would be able to obtain information about Hassel Castle from him. Players can follow the footsteps of their hooves. If they don't have such skills, they could hire someone in Badmur. The Players during the attack noticed a symbol of the three-headed snake. It's a reasonably rare symbol, and if the heroes search in Badmur, they will come across information about the Black Knights of Delmor and Hassel Castle. Black Knights do not try to hide their tracks. If players question a lot about the heavily armed group, they will occasionally keep up some clues about the direction until they come across information about the order and the castle.

On the way

At some point during the journey, the heroes will visit the inn. The place is not essential here. More importantly, Thulian will find there some menacing looking travelers and try to convince them to change their lifestyle. He will be intrusive and will anger the group after some time. What will players do? Will they protect him? Will they get into a fight? You should have some fun with it. Remember that Thulian is a stubborn idealist and will not want to let go until everyone receives the grace of the God of Light.

Hassel Castle

The castle is not significant. It can accommodate up to forty people. There will be about ten knights and five servants waiting inside. They will lock the priest in the dungeon and place the relic in the old chapel at the top of the tower. Right next to Dergon's chamber. Players can do whatever they want. They can try to sneak inside and recover the dagger on their own. Another option will be to ask for help from soldiers from the town nearby. Depending on how long they wait, they'll be able to gather more soldiers. The garrison commander has known for a long time that strange things are happening in the castle. The night after the heroes arrive at the castle, the knights will sacrifice the high priest, and Dergon will receive his necromancy ring. This item will allow him to summon a unit of the undead. In this situation, if players decide to attack the castle with higher forces, then you will be able to have a more balanced battle. However, the relic and the high priest will be lost.

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